Visit from Poland

On 8 June 2022, as in the previous year, three professors from the Evangelical School of Theology, EWST, Wroclaw visited us. Dr Wojciech Szczerba, Dr Marek Kucharski and. Dr. Piotr Lorek came to Berlin to strengthen the cooperation with the Evangelical Academy of Berlin and also with the Bonhoeffer House within the framework of the ERASMUS programme. The accompanying group of the Bonhoeffer House was represented by Martina Dethloff, Viking Dietrich, Kurt Kreibohm, Ingrid Portmann and Gottfried Brezger.


The guests from Wroclaw gave a lively and concrete account of the many efforts in their university and in society to provide refugees from Ukraine not only with accommodation, but also with a perspective in their unstable life situation. In the Kreisau Youth Meeting Centre alone, about 100 refugees have found refuge and learning opportunities.

An important point of discussion was the consultation on a project in which the Bonhoeffer House is linked in partnership with the EWST. In March 2022, a joint application was submitted to the EU Commission, on which a decision has not yet been made.

The title of the project is:

Bonhoeffer House: „Who stands firm?“

Learning civil courage with the Bonhoeffer family.

The project aims to complement the 1987 exhibition on the life and work of Dietrich Bonhoeffer in the house, thematically by focusing on the participation of women in the Bonhoeffer family in the resistance, and medially by using digital means to enable local access in the House and global access worldwide.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s thoughts and actions, rooted in family relationships, ecumenical experiences and the practice of his faith, continue to challenge us today to show civil courage. The German-Polish partnership opens our eyes to learning and acting together in different contexts.

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