Dr. Wojciech Szczerba, Dr. Marek Kucharski und Dr. Piotr Lorek visiting the Bonhoeffer Haus


Bonhoeffer-Haus, 26 May 2021. Dr Wojciech Szczerba, Dr Marek Kucharski and Dr Piotr Lorek, professors of the „Evangelical School of Theology, EWST”, Wroclaw, talking to the members of the team at Bonhoeffer-Haus Martina Dethloff, Ingrid Portmann, Gottfried Brezger (photo).

The visitors from Wroclaw have come to Berlin to explore opportunities of cooperation with the Evangelische Akademie zu Berlin and also with the Bonhoeffer Haus within the framework of the ERASMUS programme. In doing so, they were following up on their meeting with members of the Bonhoeffer House team during their study trip to Wroclaw from 26-29 September 2019.

EWST Wroclaw is an internationally networked (e.g. with the Methodist Duke University in North Carolina / USA) interconfessional, interreligious (Interfaith) theological university, with special links to the Lutheran, Roman Catholic and Pentecostal churches. It is open to the challenges for theology, church and life in the secular context in mutual respect for other convictions.

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